User Illusion

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Read my post on SeiserSays about User Illusion.

It suggests Identity Illusion.

Are we who we think we are? Are we who we choose to be? Or are we who we have been unconsciously subliminally been programmed to be?

Identity Illusion. I like that. Besides, when it comes down to it, identity is an illusion. Isn’t it?


3rd Order Change

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!st order change is to change what you do.

2nd order change is to change how you do it.

3rd order change is to change you.

“Here kitty kitty kitty”

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I often feel like I am a blind man, in a dark room, looking for a black cat, that doesn’t really exist.


But I am determined to find that cat and make it live up to its full self-actualized enlightened catness. Better yet, to its full self-actualized enlightened perfect humanness. Whether it wants to or not.


I am further committed to utilized whatever means of judgment, punishment, rationalization, or denial available to make its past the way I want it to be, to make its present world the way I want it to be, and to make its future totally happy and successful, free from any obstacles or difficulties, just the way I want it to be. Further, I will use techniques that have already always failed and always will, but I will use them harder and more until they do work.


Darn cat.



“Here kitty kitty kitty.”

I (a verb)

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I (a verb)*


I (a verb) accept my positive identity of the future

instead of the negative behavior of my past.


I (a verb) accept there is nothing more profound

than everyday common sense.


I (a verb) am mindful and accept I already know

the truth and what is right.


I (a verb) am compassionate and already know

the cause and effect of both suffering

and happiness.


I (a verb) am courageous and do what is right.


I (a verb) am disciplined and keep doing it.


©2007 IdentityTherapy™, Lynn Seiser, PhD


* I is the pronoun most often used to refer to one’s self. Unfortunately, the “I” does not stand for intelligence, but rather identity. Identity is the nominalization (making a verb into a noun) of the active verb identifying. Identity is actually the unconscious process of identifying or attaching an internal sense of self with an external person, context, or culture. Identity is a learned process, and thus changeable. Change, on an identity level, changes what you do, think, feel, and the foundation of who you think you are. Identity is a verb. I (a verb).

Welcome to IdentityTherapy on WordPress

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IdentityTherapy is the creation by Lynn Seiser PhD after over 30 years of education, experience, and expertise in the treatment of victims, offenders, and families of violence, trauma, abuse, and addiction.

IdentityTherapy focuses on a positive identity for the future instead of the negative behaviors of the past.