An Aikikai cult?

Interesting opinions from someone I don’t know, never met or talked to, much less trained with.

IMHO, personally and professional, it sounds like more than the rice bowl is broken. Doesn’t it?

I am honored and humbled to be in such good company.


~ by seisersays on May 15, 2009.

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  1. So let me get this straight? The guy has a website that is blaming other people for being in the Aikikai Cult which he defines as:

    Aikikai Cult” individual(s) known & unknown whom without any regard, intentionally injured, abused or impuned the “POSTEE” and/or others in some immoral manner, by some despicable means or designed malicious criminal behavior via the “Aikikai Cultic System” and/or its “Aiki-Websites” –“Aikikai Cult Propaganda Broadcasting Networks.”

    Of course he has never meet some or possibly all of the people he has slandered on his website?

    Is this someone that you didn’t agree with on a forum? LOL

    The use of the word despicable did make me think he was going to list Bugs Bunny. After all Daffy thought he was despicable.

    Bugs Bunny
    Left Turn Dojo
    Albuquerque, NM (The most despicable bunny of them all)

    Will this put me on the slanders website?

    NOTE: This is not a forum enviornment. There are NO rebutals, once your testimonal or reported complaint is Posted it stands as Prima Facie. (Yes we are the law and the law is GOD) will pay up to $20,000.00 REWARD for any information leading to a felony indictment and conviction of any below listed individual. All sources identities will be kept confidential. (Kind of like putting a hit out on somebody isn’t it. I think in some states you can go to jail for threats. 😉 )

    • Yes my friend.

      This gentleman was the subject of two thread on the Aiki-Web. Both accused him and his credentials as being fraudulant. In cyber-space anyone can say anything about someone else.

      A few is use took the opportunity, not to address him individually/personally (because we don’t know him), but to caution people about choosing wisely.

      Sometimes you can tell when you must be right by the reactions elicited (they get angry with you).

      There are a lot of people I don’t agree with on the forum. And while a few have called me out by name, this is the first bounty I have received for my head. Disagreement is good for discussion. So is cross-training.

      If this is a cult and these are the people in it, I am humbled and honored to be in their midst.

  2. As one of the top honorees on the site, I too am honored to be in such company:
    1. Company with standards. Ones that actually earn and test for rank by consistent and dedicated training.
    2. Company that believes when one claims lofty ranks they should be able to document their training and rank history since they are holding themselves out to the public as an expert.
    3. Company that tries to uphold the ideas of the founder.
    4. Company that does not use the excuse that rank doesn’t matter then goes out and gets rank from instructors with no training in the art.
    5. Company that does not use vague credential information so that when questioned on it they can continue to be vague.
    6. Company that does not award oneself lofty instructor titles such as master by setting up their own organizations with bylaws that suddenly make them “the master” even with no credible history to prove such.
    7. Company that actually promotes me with credentials in the art that give them the legitimacy to do so. No karate masters promoting me.
    8. Company that has legitimate credentials and does not have to make up vicious lies about others to distract from their lack of willingness to verify their own history.
    9. Company that is willing to express concern for the legitimacy of martial arts instruction and ensure the public is getting what the pay for-qualified martial arts instructors who earn what they claim.
    10. Company that recognizes that with todays proliferation of master wantabees and big egos and computers people can make up anything they want and print paper to support their claims.

    Yes, I too feel in good company. If called upon to document my history, I can do so easily and do so in great detail on my website. The public can verify it easily. I don’t have to chase down wanted felons to verify my rank.

    But that’s just me.

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